Friday, February 1, 2019

Are you looking to follow some amazing TEACHERS on Instagram???  Come be a part of the WEEKEND TEACHER FOLLOW LOOP.  This is an amazing way to support each other and follow some amazing accounts 😍!


Here’s how to participate.

1. Follow your host:  A Teacher’s Creative Space @ateacherscreativespace and tag me in the image.

2. Click on @ateacherscreativespace bio and click on the website to grab the picture and caption.

3. Post the image and caption.

4. Click on this weeks hashtag #ateachersfollowloop1 

5. Follow everyone that has the Teacher Follow Loop picture and comment 💕 . (YOU MUST POST THE IMAGE TO THE HASHTAG, NOT A PERSONAL PICTURE).

6. Allow them 24 to 48 hours to follow you back.

7.  Your account must be public to get the follow back.  


💕 It is very important that you post the loop picture with the caption in order to get the follow back.

💕 Please participate if you have time, please don’t follow to unfollow.

💕 Please make sure your account settings are set to public. 

💕 Your account MUST be TEACHER related!


💕 Happy Fri-yay Teachers!!  Have fun!!!

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