Instagram was the first place I saw these beauties!!!  My Instagram besties have bulletin boards galore with these beautiful flowers.  This summer I was on a mission to learn how to make them to display in my classroom.  Of course, YouTube was my first stop!!  I watched a ton of video’s!!  I came across a video by  Pearl’s Crafts .   She was amazing at walking me through the whole process and explaining every step in great detail.  I went ahead and created my own flower template and attempted to make the flower.  It took me a couple of tries for me to feel comfortable.  By my third flower, I started to get the hang of it.  

What you need:

* 8.5 x 11 Card stock 

* Hot glue gun

* Round tool or a chopstick works great

Flower Template

*Pearl’s Crafts – DIY Rose Tutorial (Large Size Paper Rose

When using my template… I’ve provided the templates to make 3 different size flowers.  They are labeled Large, Medium, Small, & XSmall with the number of petals you need to make the flower.  If you are making the large one you’ll need to make 8 of the largest large petals, 12 of the largest medium petal, and 6 of the largest small petal.

Have fun and drop some pictures in the comments!

💜 Sabrina

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