Anyone will tell you that I I love, love, love shopping!!! Who doesn’t?!?!?!  My husband doesn’t, but he’s such a sport!  He will take me shopping because he knows how much I LOVE IT!!!  Dresses are my thing!! I wear dresses most of the time.  I am sooooo in love with floral right now, I can’t help but buy all the pretty floral things.  I might need to call for help soon, it’s getting a little out of control!!  Haha!!  My favorite stores to shop at are Tjmaxx, Marshalls, Old Navy, Target, and Francesca’s.  I love me a deal!!!  I don’t typically pay full price for anything.  What are your favorite places to shop??  

On this page, I will post pictures of teacher fabulous clothes, hair, nails, and accessories that won’t break the bank!  

If you are looking for more inspiration, my Teacher Style board on Pinterest is filled with tons of cuteness!!  

Summer dresses are my favorite!!! Check out my summer 2018 picks!!


OMG!! Francesca’s take ALL my money! 

Old Navy


Shopstyle Collective (Affiliate Link)